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Conair 1875 Watt Soft Touch Tourmaline Ceramic 2-in-1 Styler and Hair Dryer, Grey/Black

Creative styling and easy handling Conair’s comfort touch tourmaline ceramic ionic styling system promotes shiny, healthy looking hair and has a soft surface for a comfy grip.
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Married and Looking For Married Dating Sites

In years past, the phenomena of having an extra marital affair, the idea of being married and looking, seemed to be strictly male dominated. Married women looking for fun was the rare exception. It certainly did exist but was more the favorite indoor sport of a male driven society. Men simply held the cards that arranged the game to lean towards male oriented acceptance when it came to being married and flirting. This was due to a social design with strict double standard restrictions compounded by tight female role positioning.Let’s look at the era of pre-and-post WW2. For certain, the WW2 era wife had one place and that was in the home. The man went out into the marketplace and provided for the family. No questions asked; no doubts about the arrangement. It was “just the way it is”. It was the only arrangement and worked perfectly for that time. No woman, for the most part, was married and looking an affair.We would occasionally hear stories of married men looking for women in bars, on the road or as the aggressor in the work place. It was frowned upon by both men and women at the time yet somehow mildly accepted and only mildly shocking when it occurred. It was a cause for shame and embarrassment to a man who “couldn’t keep it in his pants”. It was kept “hush-hush” by all. Yet, there was the undercurrent feeling of “boys will be boys”. When it occurred, it would be justified as a way of nature. Men are just rigged up that way, you know? – that was the style of thinking. It would be alright if a man had a tendency to be married and looking for some fun on the side.However, there was a growing feeling of malcontent with woman of that era. In earlier decades just prior to the 60’s we would see this play out in a subtle fashion. Lonely housewives may sympathize with other lonely married women in a similar stale predicament. It could be the scenario of a coffee klatch with cigarettes and a card game. A frequent complaint about hubby interjected in the table conversation could be heard. The complaints were of the passive-aggressive variety with many giggles to cover the sadness of the true angst of confined marital lock-down. The same scenario would play out at the bowling alley or after the PTA meeting.However, the discussion that would lead to how to have an affair was very taboo. One simply did not go there. It remained exclusively in the realm of fantasy. Most women strictly dismissed the thought from mind and absolutely from conversation. The concept of how to have an affair was so foreign and restricted.Suddenly, there was an event called the sexual revolution of the 60’s. The factors of radical global shifts in thought, compounded by inflation and a need for women to enter the marketplace put the ladies into circulation. Advancing communications technology and the ability to reach any area of the world in hours by jet rocked this Pollyanna arrangement to the rafters. Women were on the move and loving it. The prior double standard was being blasted to bits. Many women were now married and looking for an affair to spice up their life.The sexual revolution of the 60’s also ushered in a lot more sex with drug experimentation. The self help gurus now had us all looking for the true meaning of this brief existence. Is this confining experience that went on for 70 years all there is?Additionally, the awareness of just how good (and better) most women can be in the corporate setting became very apparent. Female talent was undeniable and continues to grow today. This abruptly created a whole new culture of womanhood. The lies were dispelled and the sexual cat (or should we say cougars) were leaping out of the bag.Betty Friedan and the woman’s’ liberation movement took root and ruled. Men could now be found in the intimidated and cowering position.Slowly but surely it became commonplace for women to dominate business with their male counterparts, there became a rising trend of married women looking for married men. This is the new global phenomenon. The incidents of married women looking for affairs has reached a new high water mark. This trend is exploding and will continue to grow as the world keeps shrinking. One needs to question though, why does this trend seem to be dominated by married individuals? There’s a good, practical reason for that. The answer is simple.In many cases, where a married individual could get involved with a single person, it is avoided like the plague. Why? These relationships could get very messy if the single participant “falls for” their hitched partner. The dangers are real and can end up with considerable devastation for both partners and their families. This must be avoided at all cost. The solid, safe alternative is to be hooked up with a service that strictly fosters dating for married people. The service strictly caters to married people with the sole purpose of an affair. No strings attached. No fuss, no messy family court situations to clean up.Are you one of the many who are married and looking?